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Funding Categories

GTO - Goals infographic 2022
GTO - Goals infographic 2022
The funding that the GTO provides to NGOs must be aligned to at least one of our three objectives:
  • Alleviating Suffering
  • Creating Sustainable Development
  • Creating Educational Opportunities
The funding mechanisms that we deliver through can be one of the following:
  • Grant Funding
  • Social Capital Loan
  • Patient Capital Loan

Funding Categories Information

Grant Funding

This can be used as emergency or short-term assistance funding for an existing NGO, as a way for the GTO to test out the relationship with a new NGO, or for a new type of project such as an educational bursary.

Social Capital Loan

This can be used as funding for starting a capital business that will generate income to support vulnerable children, for example bakeries, a cheese factory, etc.

Enterprise Patient Capital Loan

This can be used to expand an existing business that has been supported.  The repayment of the loan can then be used for other projects so gearing the GTO funding.

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